This is my messy struggle for coherence where there is none.

On this the eve of revelations, I wish to document the journey we both are about to undertake into schizophrenia. 

This is my struggle to understand, forgive, deal, aid, accompany, witness and comprehend when he cannot… to be his guide along treacherous paths, around dark and foreboding corners and back into his life and ours.


  1. Any of a group of psychotic disorders usually characterized by withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, and hallucinations, and accompanied in varying degrees by other emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disturbances. Schizophrenia is associated with dopamine imbalances in the brain and may have an underlying genetic cause.
  2. A situation or condition that results from the coexistence of disparate or antagonistic qualities, identities, or activities: the national schizophrenia that results from carrying out an unpopular war.