The notes he so wished would support the position that his perceptions and suspicions were justified, well… those notes stated the opposite. That he was seeming paranoid and was to be referred for Psychiatric assessment after all.

This gave me much hope, as after I had read them myself and asked him what he thought, he answered that the notes supported what I and the other doctors had been stating.

He still doesn’t believe he is paranoid… kind of like that line : “Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean there not after you… “ . He still 100% believes that his experiences are real; that the only way he’ll ever take meds is if we drag him away in a straight jacket.

Regardless the drama, we do have an appointment with a Psychologist for next Thursday…this is step 2 among who knows how many, towards an official diagnosis and hopefully a plan of action.

Tonight, despite the tantrums and blaming and finger pointing past (or yet to come), I feel hopeful.

Today was a good day!